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Tax planning and preparation
In a recession, poor tax planning can lead a business into ruin. Simkover and Associates has the experience and comprehensive knowledge that is needed to help you minimize the tax burden that you and your company must bear and does so in a clear, understandable fashion. We will leave you, our client, informed, empowered and ready for the future.

How does Simkover and Associates help your tax planning?
  • By identifying and claiming all available deductions or credits,
  • By postponing the receipt of income,
  • By selecting investments with better after-tax returns and
  • By splitting business and investment income among family members.

Reducing your effective taxable income, increasing the deductions that you qualify for and taking advantage of tax credits that you may not be aware of are all part of the process. Our CA's will conduct a comprehensive examination of the current ways you earn income from your mix of investments, your retirement plans, the tax situation of other family members and your estate planning goals.

Simkover's team of CA's will ensure to incorporate all tax, investment, estate and retirement planning goals to ensure a long-term financial and tax strategy. This will allow you to take advantage of current legislation and enables you to keep more of your money year after year. Our chartered accountants will also help prepare your individual or corporate income tax returns. In cases where no advance planning has been done, we can still spot various deductions, tax credits or expenses that ought to be claimed, even if they have not already been brought to our attention.

Simkover's CA's will prepare your tax return and also accompany it with an analysis of the return in comparison with the prior year. This approach will help reduce the chances of omission of appropriate deductions and increase the likelihood of acceptance of the return by the government. The means by which any tax planning goals may be achieved will vary in each individual case, but it is important to keep in mind the tried and true maxim: People don't plan to fail, but they often fail to plan. We are here to help you plan for success and will advise you or your business on strategies that can be easily implemented, and which are tailored to your specific circumstances

With a clear strategy in place, Simkover will take care of planning and executing your annual income tax return. You will gain peace of mind knowing that the Chartered Accountants at Simkover and Associates have carefully prepared each return and reviewed any significant issues with our tax expert who is one of Canada's leading tax specialists. Contact us today and get your plan for prosperity started.

Tax planning and preparation - Simkover and Associates Chartered Accountants

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