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Estate Planning

The phrase "estate planning" encompasses more than the disposition of assets upon one's death. Simkover and Associates' Chartered Accountants (CA's) deal with estate planning in a more in-depth and detailed fashion, by reviewing more than our client's current asset portfolio. Simkover and Associates considers the goals and plans of the client, the disposition of assets during life and beyond, and the tax implications of the estate.

Simkover and Associates' clients are concerned with matters such as control over the family assets, the family business, and the effect the disposition of assets will have on the family dynamic. Simkover's CA's will help their clients plan for their retirement and consider the tax implications that this retirement planning will have on the lifestyle of the client into their golden years.

Estate planning is therefore an all - inclusive term that Simkover and Associates consider to be more than just your wealth transference upon death. It's about planning your life too!

Simkover CA's understand that changes can occur during transformations in our client's lifetime, and therefore we recommend periodic communications with us. Understanding the recent changes in the way the estate taxes are calculated is just one of the many current topics that can be of concern to your estate.

The relationship that Simkover builds with its clients does not end with the implementation of the estate plan. Our clients' lives change and so do their estate plans. Simkover and Associates are accountants who can lead you and your money in the right direction. Our CA's main objectives in estate planning are:
  • To provide for adequate retirement income
  • To provide for the orderly transition of the estate to the surviving spouse, children and other beneficiaries
  • To minimize and defer income taxes as much as possible, and to ensure liquidity to pay expenses at death.

Many of the steps in estate planning are to be taken in a particular order and ought to be implemented early in the game: for example, setting up a trust, initiating an estate freeze, or acquiring suitable types of insurance coverage. If you have not started early, Simkover and Associates are here to help you discover income you never knew you had through better tax and estate planning. Contact Simkover and Associates today to have them lead you and your beneficiaries into a better future.

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