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Accounting Systems

Simkover and Associates is a professional chartered accounting (CA) firm that specializes in accounting systems. Our senior partner has 10 years experience analyzing and evaluating the accounting systems of large corporations in the manufacturing and retail sectors. This expertise is applied by our firm when evaluating the accounting systems of our small to medium size clients, with the view to bringing about specific improvements in the accuracy of data and the operational efficiency of the systems.

Companies that are planning to expand or change their accounting systems can look to the expertise of Simkover and Associates. We can provide recommendations for upgrading an existing accounting system or assisting in setting up a new system that is appropriate for the client's size and industry.

Simkover and Associates will review the following accounting system components in their entirety, and recommend specific improvements:
  • Purchase orders
  • Accounts payable
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Billing of customers

Implementing a New Accounting System
Simkover and Associates chartered accountants will help set up the initial chart of accounts for small business clients that need a new bookkeeping system. Such systems include QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. Our chartered accountants will also provide training to clients who have not used the new bookkeeping system. Alternatively if your company decides it does not want to do the bookkeeping services at your office, Simkover and Associates will provide an on-going bookkeeping service on our own premises. We will meet your needs.

Upgrading an Existing Accounting System
If you have a larger business that is looking to upgrade its accounting methods, our CA's can help you graduate to a more robust system. All areas of analysis are included: purchase orders, accounts payable, payment to suppliers, billing of customers, tracking of accounts receivables, payments from customers, inventory control and payroll. Simkover and Associates chartered accountants will help advise you on what system will be more appropriate for your situation.

Simkover and Associates cannot determine a timeline to implement any of the above systems, as a timeframe can only be determined after one of our chartered accountants analyzes the specifics of the situation. Each case is handled individually and with care to ensure that you do things right - the first time! Contact us today and start to grow your business.

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