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About The Founder

Tony L. Simkover, Founder 
Simkover and Associates
Tony L. Simkover B.Comm C.A.
Founder Simkover and Associates
The founder of Simkover and Associates is Tony Simkover, who has a long financial history within large corporations before establishing this accounting practice. This background has proved to be indispensable for providing assistance and advice to small and medium sized clients in the accounting practice, particularly those who are growing and will soon need more sophisticated systems and strategies:
  • 8 years experience in operational audit, including five years of managing the financial audit function of a $1 billion multi-divisional corporation. This work was focused on internal control evaluation of both financial and operating systems, with the view to proposing modifications to increase the integrity of information and profitability of the corporation.

  • 12 years experience in controllership and CFO functions in retail, pharmaceuticals, advertising and non-profit sectors. This work included strategic business planning, budgeting and analysis, implementation of upgraded computer systems, negotiations, payroll management, mergers and acquisitions, treasury and taxation.

  • Founded Simkover and Associates in 1993. The firm's practice is focused primarily on small to medium-sized corporate clients who are growing rapidly or restructuring their operations to optimize business potential. Tony uses his business background to be proactively involved with the financial planning function of the clientele. This approach includes corporate tax planning, the budgeting process, strategic business planning, as well as a total business evaluation, if desired. This evaluation includes an overview of various business issues, with a view towards proposing clear and precise courses of action to reduce unnecessary costs.

  • Education includes Chartered Accountant and Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
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